Mountain Biking

Biking on an electrically assisted eFatbike is a fun and suitably fast way to refresh yourself in beautiful nature. Sveitsi and its surrounding terrain offer great landscapes and wonderful mountain biking routes. Join our guided tour or rent a bike for independent outdoor activities. You can also rent gravel bikes, regular fat bikes and children's fat bikes from us.

Versatile Trails

  • Maintained and marked mountain biking trails all year round! Routes for beginners and even the most experienced riders. You can choose your route as an easy and relaxing trail, a fast-paced needle trail or even more demanding enduro sections. Sveitsi Rent's staff is happy to help with route selection.
  • From our office, you can get a map of Kytäjä-Usmi mountain biking routes. In addition, gpx. tracks can be found for routes in the Hyvinkää area, e.g. on the website or the Outdooractive application.
  • In winter, a maintained multi-use route starts from our office, which is intended for all outdoor enthusiasts. The route goes through a wonderful Sveitsi forest and contains both easier and more challenging sections. There are two campfire sites along the route: Härkävehmaansuo's hut and the Sveitsi Ski Center's hut. In addition, the Sveitsi Ski Center has the Matterhorn Slope Café/Restaurant, which is open during the winter.
Our routes can be found in the OUTDOORACTIVE application from the Sveitsi Rent user.
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Guided Tours

Electric fatbike cycling in wonderful nature is a great experience for the whole group. The tour offers great scenery, fun togetherness and, above all, great mountain biking trails. Our friendly tour guides give tips on cycling and make sure that the group has a good time and moves safely.
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Winterbiking at Sveitsi

Electric fatbikes are available all year round. Now you can experience this new popular winter sport at Sveitsi. Our maintained winter cycling route winds through the beautiful forest. Come and experience an unforgettable winter adventure.

Route Tips: 
Karhujen pyörähdys
-Marked route Karhujen Pyörahdys approx. 15 km. Along the route, there is Kaksoilammit, with a shed and a place to make a fire with a wonderful pond landscape. The route is a wide dirt road and is suitable for all levels. For those looking for a challenge, there is a k18 MTB trail (can be rotated) on the route.
Kytömetsän pyörähdys

- Marked route Kytömetsän pyörähdys approx. 30 km. Along the route, there are many wonderful rest stops by the water. The route is mainly an
easy-to-navigate track base/forest truck road. As a tip, Kiiskilampi is a place to take a break!

- The Erkylänkierto, which offers wonderful scenery and challenges, is the choice of more experienced bikers. The route goes along Erkylä's speedy needle trails and more leisurely stretches of dirt road in beautiful rural landscapes. The route is approx. 30 km.

Talvipyöräilyreitti lyhyt
- A shorter (5km) and easier version of the winter cycling route in the beautiful Swiss forest. Marked with yellow color.
Talvipyöräilyreitti pitkä
-The longer version (10 km) of the winter cycling route goes through the wonderful Swiss forest towards the Swiss Ski Center. The route is more diverse. The nicely winding paths and the hills make the route challenging.

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