Mountain Biking

MTB biking on an electrically assisted eFatbike is a fun and suitably fast way to refresh yourself in beautiful nature. Sveitsi and its surrounding terrains offer great landscapes and wonderful mtb- biking routes. Join our guided tour or rent a bike for independent outdoor activities. You can also rent gravel bikes, regular fatbikes and children's fatbikes from us.


A new exciting and fun way to hike in nature. With a packraft, i.e. a backpacking raft, you can combine hiking, kayaking and, for example, cycling. The raft is easy and safe to paddle and very light to carry. The wild waters of Kytäjä-Usmi and the winding river routes of the Vantaanjoki invite you to adventure.

SUP- Boarding

SUP- bording is a fun and easy- to- learn form of exercise that is suitable for all naturelovers as well as for athletes who want to improve their fitness. The nearest SUP spots can be found in Kytäjä and Sääksi. A relaxing and fun way to spend a summer day alone or with a group!

Winter Activities

In the winter season, you can experience the popular winter sport from the northern fells in Sveitsi, Hyvinkää. Our maintained winter biking route winds through the beautiful forest of Sveitsi. Come and experience an unforgettable winter adventure. In addition to electric fatbikes, our selection includes snow and sliding snowshoes during winter season.  The ridges of Sveitsi shaped by the Ice Age and the wild forests of Kytäjä-Usmi are also perfect for winter outdoor activities.

Guided Tours

On our tours, you can enjoy the wonderful natural sites in the way you want - in different seasons. Would you like to experience great mountain biking routes on the back of an electric fatbike or a memorable paddling adventure on packrafts or a SUP- board? We carry out excursions in the entire area of ​​southern Finland and customize the event according to your wishes.Read more

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